Anyone have experience with Full Boar Splitters?

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Aug 25, 2022
Tractor supply has Full Boar Splitters on Sale. Anyone here have any experience with them?
Must be something new, they had County Line when I bought mine. Is this gasoline powered hydraulic splitter?
Is this what you're looking at? Most all of these splitters are similar with different colors and names. I'd say the majority of parts are Chinese and the engine is probably a Honda clone. In most instances the big difference is price and customer service if you need it. The one company I have experience with is Champion, I have a generator and winch from them. They have been excellent to me as far as customer service especially outside of warranty.
I have an older 28 ton TSC splitter that is similar save for the engine and cylinder size. Never had a problem with it.
These farm/big box store splitters are all made by YTL (china) anymore anyways, no matter what color/brand they are...they just change the engine brand and/or specs a bit, and maybe the pump size, this one is green instead of yellow like the CL ones, and has a no name Honda clone engine on it I'm sure (instead of the cheap Kohler 6.5) probably made by whatever factory makes the Predator, or Champion engines, which have been pretty good honestly.
Save a few bucks and get the smaller's a lot faster anyways...and that extra tonnage is not needed 99.999% of the time...seriously!
Or, get the 38 ton, pop off the 5" cylinder, replace with this 4", with the 17 GPM pump the 38 ton claims to have, that would give you a theoretical 7.8 second cycle time! 👍
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Thanks, I was thinking about getting something in the 25 - 28 range anyway. My friend has a Champion and I borrowed it before and it works well, but this is 25% less. Using a hand maul at the moment, but I want to be able to control the split sizes better and you can't really do that swinging a hunk of steel.