Arrow 1800a built 1981 deflector problems

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Nov 29, 2023
Aberdeen SD
Hi, I don't know why this happened. We have been using this woodstove for about a month. I want to go put wood in it the other day and found the reflector laying off to the side in the firebox. This evening I've cleaned out the firebox and not quite sure how the plate's supposed to go back on shows in one of the pictures. They're supposed to be too Iron straps that hold it in place. All i've got is a little metal tab in the front center. I've included pictures any help would be most appreciated.

I didn't pay attention to the baffle when we were using it. So i'm not sure how it's supposed to look.
17013163356222584160105983070178.jpg 17013163967718911840573375566166.jpg
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It looks like the back sits on that ridge in back and the front on that bent over tab. Be careful loading the stove, it looks like the baffle would be pretty easy to knock off.