Attaching Legs to Nordic - Erik Wood Stove

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Oct 13, 2016
New Jersey
I just purchased a Nordic Brand Erik Model wood stove from someone on Ebay. Brand New but Old.
The only thing missing are the bolts or screws to attach the legs to the bottom of the stove. Whats odd is the hole on the leg is MUCH larger than the screw or peg that the leg lines up with. Does anyone know what im talking about, if so can you help me with what fastener i need to attach the legs to the stove.
Thank You!!
Can you put a washer on the bolt that spans the hole?
All it needs to do is hold the leg in place. It's not like it's under a high load. Can you post a picture of this area on the stove and one of the leg hole? Maybe he is seeing something that is not apparent.
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