Big time Facebook score!

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Burning Hunk
Dec 12, 2019
Bucks County PA
I have plenty of wood to cut right behind my house but I guess I just wanted a change in scenery and searched “free firewood” on Facebook market place. Found a post from this morning from a guy 10 mins away. I packed the truck and my 2 young boys and headed over. Super friendly guy with a beautiful property. Not only did he offer the 2 big ash trees that blew down on his driveway he said come back when ever you want! His driveway was about a half mile long and it was a wood burners Dream. Downed ash, oak, maple everywhere. And that’s just what I could see on the driveway. Was a good weekend for firewooding that’s for sure.


Minister of Fire
Jan 13, 2015
Sounds like great connection for the future. Nice.


Minister of Fire
Feb 27, 2014
Marshall NC
Good God what a deal. You have found the number one attribute for good firewood. You can drive your pickup right up to it and don't have to lug the wood 100 feet up a mountain side.

I started in on the ash a year ago and it is great firewood. Easy to split. Thank you, I guess, to the Emerald Ash Borer for destroying all the ash trees in western North Carolina.