BK Princess vs. Regency Pro-series f3500

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Feeling the Heat
Mar 4, 2015
Crestwood, KY
But yes if you need long burns at low heat output there isn't much that can compete with bk. But many of us don't need that

This is the exact reason I went with BK. I'm in Kentucky which doesn't get brutal cold but sometimes it dips into single digits and maybe even negative. Long, slow burns was exactly what I was looking for, especially with our family schedule.
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Chimney sweep
Staff member
Jan 14, 2014
central pa
I'm curious, what readings are you getting on this one-year "dry" wood? I like mine about 18%, that's when it burns noticeably better for me..faster starts and a hotter cat. I might get Red Oak that dry in two years, with 4" splits. Maybe what I wouldn't consider dry, you would.
Typically 18 to 20. This year with the kiln 15 to 18.


Minister of Fire
Feb 20, 2009
Central Mass
These kilns have shown to be very successful, it's high time I try one this upcoming year since I'll be low on oak and would like to have at least a couple cords every year for the cold part of winter and it's a good way to get it ready in one summer.

Woody Stover

Minister of Fire
Dec 25, 2010
Southern IN
Typically 18 to 20. This year with the kiln 15 to 18.
Looking back, I see that you said as much earlier. ;em
I'll have to see how many old aluminum storm windows I have here; I may be able to play with kilning some wood. I try not to use plastic if I don't have to, since its production creates a lot of toxic by-products, and it's more or less inevitable that a portion of it will end up in the environment as micro-plastics, at some point. JMHO..