Blaze king ashford 30.1 smoke smell/ air leak.

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You can always PM or email me to get this addressed.

I would but I'm trying to let the dealer / installer do their thing. I purchased the unit through them and they installed it and the chimney. Thank you for that.
To eliminate the draft as a possible issue find the the draft specs for the stove and then measure your draft with a manometer in your first section of stovepipe from the stove in operation mode. Also looks like there's a bad section of gasket on the door. Another factor may be the wood offgassing more than the draft can pull it through creating a positive pressure within the stove. Any positive pressure will bleed smoke/smell outside the stove. That dirty glass may be an indicator of this. I'm not BK guy so just my thoughts. I had this issue with VC stoves and it all came down to draft and wood with too high MC.
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