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mellow Posted By mellow, Jun 6, 2013 at 4:27 PM

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    I put the thermocouple I bought to use for registering temps on my cats in my inserts top vent after the season ended for me a few months ago just to get it out of the way, I left the controller still plugged in and I noticed with my exterior chimney that my inserts temperature was never getting above 73 degrees on the hotter days we have had so far, so for kicks and giggles I turned on the blower and let it run thinking nothing of it, to my surprise it cooled the room a few degrees (a/c set at 78) to 76 and the a/c did not kick on till later in the afternoon.

    I have tried this now for a few weeks and so far I am happy with the results, what I have been doing is turn the blower on before I go to bed, when I come downstairs in the morning depending on how cool it got that night the downstairs would be around 72 degrees, a few degrees cooler than it would have been not running the blower, and it stays that way until it really heats up outside and the sun starts hitting the brick on the exterior chimney.

    Use that thermal mass to help cool your house, will I still be able to do this mid-summer when the nights get warmer, I doubt it, but I will now monitor it to find out.

    I have a 25 foot tall brick exterior chimney that is on a concrete slab.
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    Mellow, be sure to keep us updated on this as the weather warms up.
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