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    I read your segment on the internet and it sounds like you really have helped a lot of people with business. I was reading in a magazine the other day on small business ideas and ran across an interesting one. it said that there were many businesses that cut and delivered firewood, but only very few offered kindling. The more i thought about it the more sense it made to me that hey--thats something that i could do.i live in Idaho and would have access to firewood that could be made into firewood. Perhaps i could sell it in parking lots, small convenience stores, and probably lots of other locations. the problem is--how does a person actually get going? I would be interested in hearing your opinion on this idea. thanks, shane


    The sale of kindling is a good idea, and has been done on a number of levels:

    1. Fatwood: There are a few companies making a living by selling "Fatwood", which is a very dense southern pine (from the stumps) that burns very hot..They get a very good price for it.

    2. Still other bundle cedar and other softwoods, with either bands or shrinkwrap...there are sold at ski resorts, and sometimes in convenience stores.

    As a woodburner, I would love to be able to pick up cheap bundles (5-7 dollars) of good kindling. At one time a guy around here with a cedar sawmill was selling them.

    First thing, your source of the wood has to be free or very cheap...Also, labor of cutting and bundling has to be figured in...then, the sales question...to whom are you going to sell, etc. You should lay out a basic business plan on paper to see how much you'd have to sell, etc.

    It may be good to start small and get some accounts to see how it moves, then respond if it goes well
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