Can anybody identify this insert?

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New Member
Nov 24, 2023
We love our wood insert - I'm considering replacing based on
  1. Non functional blower
  2. Baffle appears to be cracked (last chimnoscopist said the top plate thing was on it's last legs a year ago)
  3. Gasket has in the past few days detached
I know I can fix the gasket from Home Depot, but I'm wondering if anybody could help identify the stove so I could potentially order a replacement baffle (upper plate thing inside the insert?) as well as a replacement blower fan.

I'm fine going either route here - getting a company to replace the whole insert - or fixing the gasket, baffle and blower myself - but would love any thoughts and on the off chance anyone can identify this!

I live in eastern Canada, Nova Scotia. House is 60 years old but I'm not sure on insert age.

I'm also fine to break down that tile - but would love recommendations for insert shroud / backplates!

IMG_7755.jpeg IMG_7752.jpeg IMG_7753.jpg
Looks like it may be a Napoleon 1102 insert.
Looks like a Century maybe the CW2500?
Similar, but the door handle is on the left side on Century inserts. I'm pretty sure this is a Napoleon.