Can I go wrong with either stove?

altabugs Posted By altabugs, Dec 7, 2007 at 2:50 AM

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    Nov 26, 2007
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    Hey everyone,

    I'd like some opinions on Corn and/or dual fuel stoves that we seem to have narrowed down ... I believe we'll buy either
    the St. Croix (Lancaster or Auburn Model - Corn Stove), or,
    the Magnum Countryside.

    Pros & cons, as I see them, follow. Other considerations and opinions are welcome! Also, if there are other corn or dual-fuel stoves out there that you think I should look at (even just to confuse my decision again), then let me know. I looked in the "Rate Your Stove" section of this site and didn't see reviews on any of the Magnum nor St. Croix stoves, at all. Perhaps I missed something? Anyway, thanks in advance.

    Magnum Countryside
    Pros: Dual Fuel on the go, as is, plus "future Biomass" fuel option. Stir Auger in burn pot, eliminating daily "Clinker" cleanout (and lower overall daily/weekly maintenance). Approx. 56K BTU, max output. Non-proprietary fan & auger motors (common item replacements available inexpensively at Graingers, etc.). . .

    Cons: $2700 - $3000 incl. sales tax. Larger unit/larger footprint. OK looking but not as aesthetically pleasing as St. Croix stoves. Shorter warranty (1 year).

    St. Croix Lancaster or Auburn
    Pros: Nicer looking stove overall, smaller footprint. Superior warranty (2 years). They say it combusts corn more efficiently than other stoves (?). Price: Lancaster can be had, with rebate, for $2200 including sales tax.

    Cons: A little less heat ... at 40K max BTU output. Parts may be more "proprietary" and therefore more expensive.

    I'm probably not going to go wrong with either stove, but I guess I'm looking for some experiences or other info about either line of stoves ... ease of use, efficiency of operation, lower daily maintenance in operation, other considerations, etc. Thanks.

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    Sep 12, 2007
    You might want to look at the Mt Vernon AE by Quadrafire.
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