Can you cook on a Lopi Cape Cod?

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Nov 2, 2015
Central Oregon
Trying to decide on future wood stove for our 3200 square foot new home. Right now we like the Hearthstone Mansfield but we also really like the Lopi Cape Cod (both have big tall glass). The only thing is the dealer said that with the convection design on the Lopi you couldn't cook on the top. Cooking is something we want to do from time to time. But I'm thinking I'd better define what WE mean by cooking. Basically just keeping a supply of hot water for cocoa, etc. Also making soups, chili, etc. by letting it simmer all day. So I'm NOT looking to scramble eggs or something. Do folks here know if the Cape Cod would be ok for this or was the dealer correct when he said no to cooking.


Jul 7, 2013
It'll heat water for cocoa, but that's about it for "cooking." I've never tried soup or chili, but I doubt it especially if you have the blower. I love the stove by the way.


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Sep 2, 2008
Neither will the Mansfield by the way. Both will run 500 degree stove tops at their best. The manny can be ran hotter, but you're forcing it and that's not a good habit. Heck, my cape cod couldn't handle normal operation without self destructing!...


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Feb 13, 2015
I love my Lopi, but the top doesn't get hot enough to cook anything, at best it will keep your coffee warm.
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