changing stove pipe setup for insert?

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New Member
Jul 6, 2021
Cape Ann
Hi Folks,

Our new (very old) home has a fireplace/chimney setup that the previous owners lined and connected to a huge old cooking stove that sat out on the hearth and vented through the wall. They (thankfully) took that stove with them. I'm thinking that I'd like to install an insert in that fireplace, and I'm wondering about the existing piping (6") and what updates would be needed. You can see the shot looking up the chimney, and I assume that capped pipe end was for cleanout? Could that be used as a connection point for an insert, and if so, then what about cleanout? This is all new to me, so just trying to understand options and how much work (and expense) would be needed to go that route, vs just running another wood stove up through that wall connection. The room is not that wide, so recessed option would be ideal. Flue control is via the pull chain, so that would be a factor as well for a full insert.

PXL_20210709_150356244.jpg PXL_20210709_150316620.jpg


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Maybe. It will take eyes on site to determine whether the stainless liner was continued all the way up the chimney and if so, what condition it is in. Get a good, qualified chimney sweep to come out and do an inspection and report. If not, this would all come out, the hole patched and a new liner dropped down the chimney to the insert.