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nsfd95 Posted By nsfd95, May 21, 2009 at 11:30 PM

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    Let the video start to play, then hit stop and rewind. The very first second of the video shows the top of the tree...about 3-4 limbs hanging out on the house side, none on the outward side, the tree is already leaning toward the house, too. Plus, some of the snow in the video seems to blow from left to right which is also toward the house. Given the lean, limbs and possible wind, I don't think he had any hope that tree would fall away from the house. Also, go full screen and pause at 0:43, it looks like he has a huge notch cut out of the tree - looks like 3/4 the diameter of the stump or more. That should be a pretty good key something might not be going as you had planned.

    I brought down a poplar tree with a little lean near the house a couple years ago, used two ropes...tied both fairly far up in the poplar, tied the bottom of one to the trunk of another tree (so I knew the poplar wouldn't "get away from me". Then I pulled on the other as a guide while the wife finished off the cut. I told her to go slow until I felt how the tree wanted to act, then gave her the OK to finish the cut when I knew it was headed my way. Plopped down perfectly! Only bad thing was the house behind me was for sale, found out later they were having an open house that day. So all the perspective buyers got to enjoy my chain sawing, tree felling and bucking activities.
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