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wahsega Posted By wahsega, Dec 19, 2006 at 6:45 AM

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  1. wahsega

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    Dec 14, 2005
    OK anybody check these guys out. Free solar and you pay todays rate for 25 years. Numerous threads searched on the web pretty much say pyramid scam. But the idea is interesting. Im just bringing it up for discussion as I came across it in my studies into going solar. Any one with experience with them?
  2. Fish MT

    Fish MT
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    Mar 28, 2006
    Helena, MT
    I looked into these a couple of monthas ago and tried to do some calculations. This is what I sent to some friends and it applies to Montana and its seasons.

    I read the detailed description on liability, terms and costs. This
    will likely be some (how much is hard to estimate) added expense in the
    near term if you do this because of insurance and it will not offset
    your whole electrical bill every month, especially in winter time. It
    may save some $ in the future if you hedge that electric costs will be
    increasing quicker than inflation. If anyone is considering it, ask
    for some Montana customer references and talk to them before you sign
    anything. There is a 3K fed tax credit for these systems and a 500$ state
    credit for these systems if you buy them. They are about 9K per 1kw and
    produce 200$ a year in Helena so at today's rates, tax credits and initial
    cost, it would take 27.5 years to pay off if you bought it, actually longer
    because they lose a little efficiency. The company is hedging that energy
    production costs will outpace the general economy over the next quarter
    century. It's a good bet for them.
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