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TreePapa Posted By TreePapa, Feb 19, 2009 at 5:31 PM

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    "Long burning firewood - Blue Ash (Bellflower/Lakewood)"

    They claim "We've been burning some in our fireplace and at fire pits so we know it is well-seasoned. The tree was cut down over 6 months ago."

    They want $300 / cord - buyer picks up. Not even split. There are plently of ads in CL for oak and/or eucalyptus, cut, split and DELIVERED for $300 or so per cord. If you want it stacked, they usually charge $25. Of course, that wood prolly isn't truly seasoned either, but it IS cut & split. What this poster has would be good if free, but they're trying to sell it and not even cheap. Ack.

    What "super deals" have you seen in your area?

    - Sequoia

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