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    - Hi - We're building a 3 season camp in mid-Maine. A stove dealer has an 1980 Colbrookdale (sp) (used) wood/coal stove for sale. He says he can get parts for it, although I haven't found a thing about this Company/stove on the net. I do know that its an English Company from Stropshire GB. Has anyone had any experience with this stove? Your experience/opinions sure would be appreciated


    I sold Coalbrookdale stoves back in the '80's. They are excellent quality stoves. They did not sell very well during those years because they were pricey, and Coalbrookdale did a lousy marketing job in the states.

    My experience with the stoves was that they were very good wood stoves, and somewhat marginal burning our different types of coal, which is far different from the coal or "smokeless fuel" burned in the UK.

    One thing to remember is that these models are not very efficient compared to newer models------50-55 % at best------if efficiency is a concern. This was typical of stoves made during that time.

    The fact that parts are still available is good. That's the key in any stove you purchase.
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