Comfortbilt hp 50 hearth pad

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Mar 19, 2023
About to buy hp 50.
Looking at the manual I don't see any R rating for the hearth pad like the wood stoves have.all I see is a requirement for masonary hearth pad. On wood stove forums I saw you can calculate R value by adding up layers of Durock.
My plan was to take half inch plywood or OSB board, screwing on one layer of USG durock half inch and then a tile on top. It would be sitting on vinyl click lock waterproof flooring.
Would one layer of Durock and tile be considered acceptable clearance to combustibles for a pellet stove ( of course complying with all other required clearances to back ,sides, and front)?
You can set it on any non-combustible surface.
Stone, cement board, slate, Or a premade pad
There is basically no heat on the underside of most if not all Pellet stoves
My stove sits on 3/4 in plywood with slate glued to it

Comfortbilt hp 50 hearth pad
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