Compare F3 to F100?

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Nov 2, 2023
Hi everyone,
I was looking to buy F3, but it seems like it is discontinued.

Since the space we want to heat up is rather small, about 50-75 sq meters, I am now looking into F100 (more precisely: "F100 eco2 Long Leg Special Edition" in ivory color).

Located in continental Croatia, we have a central gas heating, so the wood stove would just be and addition during the very cold days, and also it would replace gas heating completely during the starting/ending heating season when we don't really need to head up the whole house (150 sq meters, two levels, each 75 sqm).

Could someone compare the two, F3 vs F100 - what are the main differences?

My main concern is the quality. I see F3 weighted 125 kg, and F100 is now only 90 kg - is it so much smaller, or the material is not cast iron 100% any more?

Thanks in advance.

Compare F3 to F100?
F100 is quite a bit smaller. Look up the recommended log lengths for each one. I think the 100 is good room heater not so much of a whole floor heater. Smaller stoves needed load more often think every 3-4 hours for the 100 thr F3 could go 4-5
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Another problem - can't find flue pipes in ivory color in any of the local stores, it's always black, or white. Do you guys in UK or elsewhere have this problem too?
The colored enamel stove pipe is not sold new in the United States anymore that I am aware of. In fact jotul doesn’t sell they white/ivory stoves any more. I really like mine.