Condensation fries electronics

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New Member
Dec 27, 2021

Do you have any ideas to protect fireplace electronics from dripping condensation?

The temperature in Alberta dropped down to -30C this week, and of course my fireplace isn't working. The IPI module is dead (transformer and power has been tested, but no response from the module). I opened up the module and it has water damage / corrosion. I ordered on from Amazon to replace.

This morning I awaken to find the blower on and not turning off. It looks like the Auxillary Box connected to the blower may have shorted out due to water damage too.

I have a Heat n Glo 6000. Opening up the bottom, you can see the condenation dripping down from the floor of the "firebox" on to where the electronics are. There is a puddle of water where the electronic components are sitting.

1. Should I construct a little stand to keep the electronics elevated off water?
2. Should I construct a lid so drips don't get on the electronics?
3. Is there an easy insulation fix? (I don't think there is given the extreme temperatures).

Thank you for your help and ideas on this.

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Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2021
You really do need some suggestions and in time some one with some knowledge might be able to delve deeper into the problem and it sure does not sound good to me..old mrs clancey