Cordwood should be cheap!

StihlHead Posted By StihlHead, May 7, 2013 at 2:49 PM

  1. gmule

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    Feb 9, 2011
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  2. StihlHead

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    Typical, need to be insured, experienced, free thinning of my tree stand...

    ...but hand cutting not to disturb the bees? Man, what a throwback to the days before the one man wonder. As for bees, my hives were never bothered by my chainsaws.

    Oh well. I bet he gets a million and one old time hand cutters lined up for that wood! not...
  3. nate379

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    I cut my wood on a 10 acre horse farm. I have a small spot that I have logs piled and I cut in that area. I am good friends with the owners, they enjoy my company and are happy that I'm working there because they get some wood from me (they wouldn't take any money so I give them wood for the "rent")

    They rent out stalls to people and a few of the horse owners aren't exactly that nice. They think the world revolves around them and the horse farm only exists to suite their needs.

    A few of them have complained to me or the landowner about me making too much noise scaring or harming the horses. I have no idea how a chainsaw a few hundred feet away hurts a horse?!
    The funny thing is that the horses that are in the pasture usually all migrate toward the area I'm working at. I suppose they are curious? I had one nudge me one time, my back was to the pasture. Scared the living daylights out of me! :)

    I'm sure that's exactly what a scared and hurt animal would do right?! :rolleyes:

    Do bees even have ears?
  4. StihlHead

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    Its the same here around my property where there are several adjacent pastures. Except no one complains about any chainsaw noise, as they are always buzzing in the forests and properties around here. The goats, ponies, horses and cows all tend to wander over toward the fences when they hear me chain sawing here. The saws never seem to bother them. They like the apples I feed them in late summer. I have way too many to eat, and they attract yellow jackets if I leave them on the ground. So I toss a bucket of apples over the fences every day and they love them. The cows crush them with one bite.
  5. mikefrommaine

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    Email back, tell him no problem the bees won't bother you. And if they are a problem you have a can of raid.
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