Crane Coal Cooker question

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Jun 22, 2008
eastern MA

I have the opportunity to get a Crane Coal Cooker Model 44 for free. I have a fireplace that I hardly ever use and am considering using it for this purpose. I have the following questions:

- My city requires that I get a permit for it and that its installed according to the installation instructions for the stove. However, I don't have that document. Does anyone know where I can get it?

- My fireplace has the typical vent that I can open or close. How do people install a coal stove in a general purpose fireplace?

- I'm assumming that I can get this professionally installed. What is the typical price range that one pays for this?



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Nov 17, 2005
Western Mass.
That is a relatively standard batch-fed coal stove - made here in Ma. as I remember. They were well regarded in the industry.

You might be able to dig up a that other site - from an owner.

As far as installation into a fireplace, the best job would entail a full liner of the existing chimney- assuming it is an exterior masonry chimney, with stainless steel pipe. This can be flex, rigid or a combo of the two. A block off plate would be installed below the damper - made of sheet metal - with the pipe passing through it.

Make sure you upgrade the liner to one which is rated for coal use. This usually means a 316 grade of stainless steel.

Found this pic of one Crane model on craigslist


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