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    HI I just installed a new wood stove, replacing the old one of 20 years. I have a 8 inch crock and a 6 inch stove pipe. When the stove is not burning, I get a creasote smell in the room,( reverse draft, I suppose) sometimes. I stuffed an old towel around the stove pipe to take up the space between the pipe and crock. After an hour or two, the smell was gone. I have always gotten this smell in the summer. Is there anything I can use to take up the gap, I thought of rope insulation like is used around a door, but don't know if it will take the heat. I would like to stuff this gap and then put the trim ring back tight against the crock. Also can I spot glue this trim ring with anything, to hold it tightly against the crock.

    Also in 1 Q&A, they said about a lot of space in the chimney, from the stove pipe entrance to the bottom of the chimney being a cold air dam. This could cause bad draft. They said to block the bottom with rockwool. Is there anything else I can use for this ? I have about 4 feet of room. I can reach up from the clean out door about 3feet.


    You can get a wide fiberglass insulation rope, which is used to gasket doors on woodstoves. This will wrap around the pipe and seal the air leak. It will also make for a better updraft since your chimney will be tighter.

    Some silicone caulk will do the job of keeping the trim ring steady.

    You can use some fiberglass insulation with the paper ripped off to stuff that area below the crock.
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