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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 28, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    I have tried to do my best per your other guidance to minimize creosote- by burning hot with quality wood- but sometimes some slow burns were necessary. I wouldn't mind some creosote inside the chimney; my problem is it is condensing on the steel chimney cap- dripping down outside of the flue- and rolling down the outside of the chimney (I think; I have not been able to climb up to look yet). After one D.C. season- my 4' x 20' pink brick chimney has a huge 2' x 10' rusty brown stain on it. Questions: (1) What will clean this large amount off the masonry?(2) Are any chimney caps made which would divert condensation back down into the flue?(3) Do you have any other suggestions? My house looks rather ugly this way- in a very nice neighborhood...:(


    1. Could be tough or impossible- as it soaks into the masonry
    2. No- your problem is that you have the small 602 vented into a large and "cold" chimney. The water vapor and tars are cooling off and condensing before they make their way into the great outdoor.
    3.It's not cheap- but the best solution is to reline the chimney with a 6" stainless pipe..If you really are feeling rich- you can even wrap special high-temp insulation around the pipe. In either case- the stove will run better- be easier to clean and should solve the condensing problem.
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