Dauntless Smoke

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The Jotul looked interesting to me. That was what I was going to get but due to stock issues did not. Ive seen complaints about it too as far as not being able to control it down. That may be due to too much draft or the wood being too dry, I dont know.
Im sure there are no perfect stoves but close to. If I decide to swap out the Dauntless it would need to be something I really can trust is going to be a carefree experience for my family.
Right now, I can use the Dauntless for what I purchased it for but I dont trust to leave it alone on anything but low.

lopi.. good value.. easy breathing.. durable steel.. I think 1 is still cast that looks similar to ours..
lopi.. good value.. easy breathing.. durable steel.. I think 1 is still cast that looks similar to ours..
The Lopi is on my short list of stoves that I would swap to, but at this point I doubt I will as Im doing what I need to with the VC. And it is a great looking stove! Now if my wife should have a mishap (like opening the top hatch and burning her eyelids) then that's another story. She may insist to which I will have no choice unless I like misery.
I have observed that on really cold days (ie: Portland) my Dauntless struggles to keep a strong draft if your STT (Stove Top Thermometer) is below 450 degrees. I try to run the stove higher than 450 degrees, keeping it close to 500 - 550 degrees and this alleviates the draft issue. Also I do not close the air control "down". My Dauntless likes air and high temps. I also make sure my wood is less than 20% moisture or you will struggle getting the temps up. The only times I have had smoke come out the top (back puffing) is when the stove and draft have stalled. Not enough heat to pull the smoke up the chimney.

Don't give up just yet! I have gotten to the point of not having to baby sit the stove much at all in my second season with never having owned a wood stove before. The catalytic combustor and a digital probe installed has made all the difference for me. And a wood moisture meter:)
I admire your persistence figuring out your Dauntless, Bravo! I was, like you were initially, unable to “baby sit” the stove as I had never had to do this with any other stove I’ve owned.
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