Deadfall/all electric project

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Dec 13, 2022
New York
I live in the suburbs but there is a lot of scrubby woodland around my house. I had the idea of minimal impact heating where I would only collect deadwood, haul it out of the woods by hand and forego gas chain saws. I did haul some wood around in my car but other than that is all electric/hand gathered. The great majority of the bucking was done with a 10" Craftsman Miter. I learned a few dangerous lessons about cutting a branch under pressure/torsion but I can now cut logs up to 10" across although I prefer smaller. Seems that my most reliable scores have been chokecherry, sumac and willow with some maple and apple mixed in here and there. I know that my stacks are modest and won't last the winter but I am having a lot of fun and getting a full body workout dragging it all around. Plus, I get to make my neighbors think that I am crazy....smaller stack of sumac is from this morning. I know it is low BTU but one of the few trees you can gather on a snowy day and put it right in the stove without smoking/sizzling.

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