Dell Point Europa

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New Member
Nov 21, 2023
I have a Dell Point Europa I got from craigslist as a backup for parts to a Paromax Europa -- not realizing how different they are Well, The Dell Point has been sitting in basement until my Paromax motherboard went out. Now I'm trying to get it up and running. Does anybody have one here? Can I ask you for a picture of auger, etc? Thanking youi advance...
If the back of your auger is getting so hot you're worrying about fire -- your stove wires will have burned. I'm talking about the pellet feed auger, not the ash auger, which I've never looked at. In act, I probably haven't even taken out the ash auger to clean because it must be operating fine as the ashes from the burnpot are dropping into the tray.
I just talked to “Maxime” from Canada about the part in question. He says the “lovejoy coupling, P/N L-050 both hard rubber and metallic are sold and at various stores but I found several of these on eBay now and I should have a couple in a few days. Thanks to everyone for your support. I also recommend Nature’s Heat LLC (facebook has a page) as they have many parts for these stoves. My stove is going on 24 years now with a couple of minor problems (Natures Heat had a touch panel in stock for me) and some extra augers and such so I can do a quick change.