Desperate new member seeks professional help, Jotul QT gas Sacramento, CA

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    We promote the EFFICIENT, RESPONSIBLE, CLEAN and SAFE use of all fuels, whether renewable or fossil.’s been a year and my problems are back. Stove shuts off after running for about twenty minutes. With front glass removed stove never shuts off. oxygen problem?
Thanks in advance, all.
I don't know how much your personal time is worth or how long you have spent on these problems but I would pull the stove out, disassemble it far enough to insure it's installed to manufacturer's specs, remove the homemade deflector in favor of all OEM components and re-install. Don't worry about taking apart parts with sealant on them, they can be re-sealed the same way you did it the first time.

You want this to work as intended, not spend the rest of your life messing with it.
Honestly, I’m done with it. I have come to the conclusion that at the root of all the problems is the fact that this unit is just not designed to vent up a chimney. I don’t have the skill or the money to keep having “gas experts” out to fiddle with it, so I am reluctantly looking into getting an insert instead.