Direct vent propane stove

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Is it a fireplace or an alcove. Call the lintel a mantle and shield it???? Vent free logs????
It's not a fireplace. Not anymore, anyway. It may have been the fireplace to the original 1730's structure that the present house is built atop, but now it's just serving as a foundation for a large cooking fireplace in the newer (1770's) kitchen above. It's basically an alcove, with a ceiling made of 6x8 timbers.

Here's a photo, looking up from where the stove will sit.

Direct vent propane stove

Also, most mantel spec's include a maximum depth near 12 inches, and this would be more like 33 inches deep.

But I may have found some options that fit under this 58" mantel limit. Unfortunately, they're $2k - $3k, versus the $500 - $700 of the units I was originally considering. Again, just a basement rec room, not our living room. So I wasn't aiming to get something very high-end here.
Okay, here's what I've found so far, which appear to all fit below a 58 inch lintel. Some of the heights need to be verified, esp. Buck who has conflicting info, but I believe these are close to correct:

$1447 Ashley AGVF340LP, 34k BTU, H > 49"
$1469 Buck T-33 w/legs, 32k BTU, H > 57.5"
$1901 Buck 329B, 33k BTU, H > 57.25"
$2000 Buck 384LP, 33k BTU, H > 57.25"
$2249 Breckwell BH32ZVF, 32k BTU, H > 52"
$3001 Ashley AGC500VFLP, 32k BTU, H > 52"

edit: I think that last Ashley has an error in their manual, which might disqualify it.
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Stove is in! Went with Buck T-33 w/legs. Now a question on hookup.

Any issues with placing a sediment trap (i.e. 4" pipe stub drop) outside the house, rather than inside? It would create an eyesore inside, given the location of the wall feed-thru. So if there's no issues with freezing or anything, I'd rather put it on the outdoor end of the 30" x 3/4" stainless pipe nipple that is my wall feedthru. Also, outdoor end of that pipe is lowest point in the system, as the wall penetration was drilled on a downward angle from inside to out (to drain any rain or wall seepage outdoors).