Do I wait for my Blaze King?

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Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2021
By the time your beautiful Blaze comes in you will be absolutely starving and that "eastenByLimestone" is absolutely starving and hungry at the same time---hopes he does not get malnutrition as we all write our all sounds wonderful especially since we are hoping that your stove passes everything and gets here so that we can see the beautiful fire and smell the food as well..Its coming clancey


Feeling the Heat
Jan 1, 2020
Jackson MS
I have a fiskars axe, and a small chainsaw, and a sawsall! I guess I need some steel toe boots!
When working with the chainsaw, please also wear safety glasses, a hard hat, and special chainsaw pants. They are thick and warm, yes, but they really prevent injuries.

Regarding wood, down here most of the dead trees I've felled, dried and burned were pine. Sure, not as much energy dense as oak, so one will have to reload more often, but burns very well with little ash. The amber trees I've burned did well, but produced and awful amount of ash.

As for the BK, I love mine. Especially when you're living in an area with a lot of "shoulder season", these things really show their strength.