Does split pecan have foul odor?

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Burning Hunk
Dec 27, 2015
Arkansas, USA
I got wood from a tree somebody cut, it was big, like, 40" DBH. He said it was pecan but I was not convinced and I think I'm better than average for tree identificaiton. But, with doubt, there were pecans on the ground. Either they came from that tree or the squirrels have been busy in the neighborhood, lol. The bark just didn't look right and I have seen a bazillion pecan trees but I have not seen split green pecan wood. I can also say that the tree, cut a week ago, oozed water like crazy on each cut. Maybe my lack of confidence that it was pecan was because it was so big, or maybe it was a different species. There was a definite cream colored sapwood and reddish brown heartwood. But upon splitting, it has a foul odor. Does pecan have an odor? I don't know how to describe it but it is not pleasant. (EDIT: It reminds me of a cattle auction barn... lots of cows and manure.) The white oak pile I have nearby smells heavenly!
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Are you sure its Pecan,, I know Locust really sinks, smells like nasty urine
Well, I can tell you that Hickory smells like cow manure and Pecan and Hickory are closely related!

I've never had any Pecan, not that I know of, would love to get some sometime but I don't see that happening!
I know a guy that smokes meat with pecan chips. I've processed plenty of pecan and I'd say it has a pleasant odor, if anything. It's a species of hickory with really thick bark and burns hot.
Locust really sinks, smells like nasty urine
That comes from between the bark and the wood, seems to me. I don't think the wood itself stinks..
Smells like cow chit to me and i live in a heavily populated pecan supply
Pecan is rare around here but you’ll know it when you smell it. The stench reminds me of my ex-brothers-in-law big juicy. Enough to make you wretch if he catches you off guard. Burns nicely though.
i have never split green pecan but 40" diameter breast height is pretty common for pecan in south Georgia. if you take the two lane from Tallahasee to Atlanta you will see about 6 million of them.