Dovre DV450s NAT fan temperature sensor

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New Member
Nov 7, 2023
As the title says, I have a DV450S NAT gas fireplace heater that is in a house I just bought. The fan doesn't turn off, despite being set to 'auto'. It will run indefinitely (I've let it run for a couple of days) until I turn the dial to 'off'. If I unplug the wire from the fan control to the temperature sensor, it does shut off, so I'm pretty sure it's the sensor that is bad and is just always closing the loop.

From what I have gathered, Dovre is no longer around and I can't find a part number. Any ideas on compatible temperature sensors I could replace it with?

Thanks in advance!
Unplug the blower & remove the thermodisk. Take it to your nearest hearth shop & see if they can match it. They probably have one that’ll work.