Drolet Escape 1800 insert install

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WOW we just ordered the 1800i from costco and so happy to find this detailed help! a couple questions. now that you have burned a couple of months any additional words of wisdom? also, any concerns that the chimney cap has no screen?
Just got mine finished. I was wondering about the cap too. I think the reduction to 6 inches probably negates the need for a screen. I am referring to a bird screen not a spark screen. The 30 degree adapter would have made this easier. Don't forget you need to buy the insulation because it is not included.
Burning is completely different to the open fireplaces that I am used to. Very controllable and can be left for much longer when adjusted correctly. There is definitely quality designed and built into this insert.
The delivery took over two weeks but that was during the holiday season. I had the driver load it onto my cart (1200lbs capacity from Menards) and wheeled it straight in to the house. 4x8 hardboard to protect the floor when unloading. Steel duct sheet lining the fireplace to make moving around (and out if necessary) easier. Two 4 ft 2x4s to slide it off the cart and into the fireplace. Definitely get the adapter that bolts on the inside. Driver gave me a couple of pallets for kindling.
Try to get a helper, I did most of mine alone.
The adapter comes with self drilling screws which I failed at using. I had to drill the holes. I wasted a good few hours faffing around with this.