Easyheat pellets - still awful :D


Apr 26, 2016
Eastern Ohio
So, I always do the pre-season sale/layaway at TSC. At the time you have to reserve, they do not know what they're getting. Ended up with EasyHeats this year. They're acceptable, they're throwing heat. However, it is not as much heat as the previous TSC white bag/blue printing pellets. Also considerably more ash. Previously I could run the stove on "1" (lowest setting) 90% of the season, only kick up to "2" on below zero days. With the EasyHeats, I have to kick up to "2" if it gets 20ish degrees. Not whining, just FYI for everyone. I don't think I've ever seen a positive review for these pellets, and just wanted to confirm nothing seems to have changed.

Side note - I confirmed with TSC that I can cancel my layaway at any time before pick up for a full refund. Believe I'm checking that next year before we take the pellets!


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they are called " Ole Roy's" for a good reason.
very bottom of the scale for pellets....
some say the might be using wood skids in the mix..


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Nov 30, 2008
Northern Ct
Are these the $359 a ton pellets there selling softwoods?