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    My husband and I just bought a "fixer-upper" house of the early '70s variety (orange, gold, brown, shag carpeting, etc.). There is an old pellet stove in the family room with the name "Efel" or "Effel".

    Can you provide me with information on this stove? I searched your site and couldn't find anything. We would like to know approximate year of manufacture, is the manufacturer still in business, can we get parts for it, etc.


    Dear Caroline, Efel is the name brand of a Belgian-made stove. However, to my knowledge, they never made any Pellet Stoves. They did make a number of different models of wood and coal stove.

    The most popular was the Efel Kamina, a cast-iron and sheet metal stove surrounded by a porcelainized outer shell. The wood was loaded into a side door. They also made a number of hopper-fed anthracite coal stoves, which were popular in Pennsylvania and New England.

    Parts are still available for Efel Stoves.
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