esse ironheart firebox stuck

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New Member
Oct 13, 2021
Sainte Valiere, France
Hello all. Our Esse Ironheart fire box has become deformed and now will not come out. We've only had it a couple of years and it is so splayed it will not come out past the tray sliders on the fire bricks. It's very annoying. I'm thinking the only way to solve it is to smash the fire bricks.....or does anyone have another clever trick. I've watched all the videos of how to clean the stove and all involve taking out the fire box before you can remove the fire bricks or baffel plate. If I smash the bricks I will need to buy more and I'm guessing that's a palava....I'm in France and getting things delievered to the EU from the UK can be a pain so I may need to get an EU company to send them.....any ideas, the nearest I think is actuall in Spain because the French Esse dealers are in the North and East.
Any help offered gratefully received!
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Minister of Fire
Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
Neat stove! I watched the cleaning video. Hmmm. Is there any way to get a small vacuum hose to clean off the top of the top baffle? As far as cleaning the firebox is the hottest part so it should have the least amount of creosote. I would not break the firebrick. Supply chains they way they are now who knows about availability. I’d clean it the best you can without removing the firebricks. the firebox will burn through at some point can we safely speed that up?

If It must come out I would probably carefully file off the shelf runner.