Excellent Cybertruck test!

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Impressive...and no ugly snorkel needed.
If I lived on that road and a YouTube hooligan kept tearing it up I’d be sending him the bill.

At what depth does it float?
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Not very good driving skills for going through water. You want the bow wave to stay in front of you, not drive through it like he did some of the time, although maybe with an electric vehicle new techniques will could be developed. I’ve drive through almost as deep (hard to tell, though) with a somewhat lifted Land Cruiser in Africa, but I don’t have a video to prove it. Too many crocodiles around to stand in the river and video.
Sells clicks, though, which is the main thing, I suppose.
A prototype was spotted the other day.

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The "wade" mode on my Unimog 1300 is around 50". The german's pressurizes multiple locations including diffs, hubs and gearboxes. My guess is that design has been tested for a lot longer than the Cybertruck.

BTW expect a lot of BS coming out of Elon in the next month, after losing his case on Delaware over compensation, he is trying to scare the Tesla stockholders into approving reincorporation in Texas so he get his 46 billion compensation back.
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