Fairly Cheap Instrumentation - Inkbird BBQ Thermometers

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Minister of Fire
Was going to share I rigged up what is meant to be a 4 probe wireless meat thermometer setup on my boiler setup. Inkbird brand off amazon. Reads 4 channels, nice little receiver to stick in the house, says it can get 1500 ft, I think 700 ft with walls is more likely but was able to wander around fine with it. Can set high and low alarms on each probe, there's a simple timer too. Batteries in each that last a month or something but has USB charge cords to leave plugged in for when the batteries die in a few years.

Put the probes as follows for now:
-Upper tank temp
-Boiler tank temp
-Stack temp
-Slab return temp

Pretty handy to be able to keep eye on the stack temp for adding wood and tank temp to know when to stop. The other two not super useful but nice to see the aqua stat kick on initially and and can see if over temp on boiler might trip.

Was about 88$ Canadian with a coupon so what's that, 50$ USD? Link below.

Amazon product
Didn't trust giving the Wifi versions access to my network but they have cheaper ones that go through your phone/wifi too.

E Yoder

Minister of Fire
Jan 27, 2017
Floyd, VA
I've looked at those too. It's a great option.