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robertjp Posted By robertjp, Oct 15, 2012 at 1:56 PM

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    Well thanks to many of you with your answers to my many questions our stove at our cottage is finally installed. (2 yrs later) I did everything according to the manual, code, and your input. I used the micore under the hardee backer and tile. It is a US Stove and it heats the cottage pretty well. I do have 2 last questions though. The one thing that sucked was having to get up in the middle of the night to keep the wood burning. It has a small firebox (about a 16 inch log max) and the wood would only burn for 2 hrs without having to get up and add more wood. SO my question is what is the longest burning wood that is not too exotic.I have lots of maple around, some beech, and others in the woods. Also should the vent control be all the way open (most air) or half open for a longer burning fire? Im assuming if I close it, it will put the fire out? Im a rookie woodburner so Im learning as I go here. All I want to do is sleep through the night wiothout having to get up and add more wood. Any ideas? Thanks much. Bob stove.jpg
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    You definitely want less air for a longer burn. Close the air down gradually until the flames get lazy. Wait 5-10 minutes and repeat.

    Locust is my favorite long burn wood, but well-seasoned white oak or hickory is also good. Most folks like beech too.
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