Q&A firebrick in a 100 series Earthstove

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Nov 27, 2012

Dear Craig- I am cleaning up an early earth stove, a 1978 airtight. There are four large firebricks on the bottom of the stove. These are about two inches thick and are very light almost like a pumice or sandstone. To your knowledge does prolonged contact with heat do this ? Or are there a type of brick made like this? They are a oddball size and I want to replace them. Any Ideas?


There are different types of firebrick, some lightweight, some heavier. As far as replacement, any type will do the job. Most masonry supply yards handle assorted sizes.

You can also mold your own repair bricks with the castable cement located at Lehmans Hardware and other stove shops.


Link: Lehmans Hardware Site
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