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May 4, 2019
AZ and MI
Hey all, Not sure if you're as confused as i once was about where to find firewood near me, or maybe, more importantly, how much is a cord of wood.
I know, simple right? Everyone knows this stuff. But just In case, I'm not the only one out there who was scratching my head - I recently ran across a post that cleared up a lot of this stuff for me.
like i said pretty basic info for most of you, but may be helpful for some others. Cheers!
Thanks for sharing. The article has some good info, but there are parts that are more myth based than fact. A lot of people out west burn pine - safely, indoors. The key to burning any wood is to make sure it's fully seasoned. Fully seasoned pine does not create creosote. Too cool flue gases are the reason for creosote accumulation, regardless of wood species. This is often caused by poorly seasoned wood, but also can be caused by trying to smolder a fire for longer burn time. Also, someone needs to tell our doug fir to lose it knots. It can have plenty of them, particularly higher up on the tree.

PS: If the posting is to market the website, please check in at the front desk with webfish.
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begreen -thanks for the additional information - the fully seasoned wood point is well taken and it's always good to learn from the experts! J
I have burned both doug fir and locust and like them both. Doug fir is my favorite though for general burning. It ignites easily, has good lasting coals and creates very little ash. I save the locust for when it's really cold. It is best started with a kindling fire or on an existing coal bed.