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  1. Megunticook

    Next year's firewood

    Always aim to have next year's wood cut before March 1 (and split and stacked by April). This year I was a beaver in January and got everything down and hauled in by first week of February--not bad! Unfortunately I seem to have developed some tendinitis in my right hand so things are on hold...
  2. T

    Firewood in SE NH

    Hello. Does anyone have any recommendations for people or complies selling full cords of green hardwood in SE New Hampshire or Central NH? I’m new on the forum, so if we’re not allowed to ask for specific names, let me know if there’s another way you can help me find reputable/honest firewood...
  3. S

    DIY Branch jig I invented - cuts 10+ branches at once with chainsaw

    Hello everyone :D I came up with this idea to make a branch cutting "machine" from scrap wood that uses my chainsaw to cut a bunch of branches safely and easily in 1 motion. Has anyone here seen something like this before? (aside from the big metal firewood processing machines with built in...
  4. prbriney

    Big oak trees to cut and use for firewood

    I am looking for someone interested in cutting down about 34 big oak trees (~ 18 to 30" diameter) for firewood in Fayetteville, AR. Are you interested or do you know someone who would be interested?
  5. ReggieT

    Wood ID Help?

    Hey Guys, Nabbed these up from a blowdown close to my neighborhood. The 1st three pics of the reddish big rounds I thought were Cherry, they smell sweet, but lack the dark red heartwood of cherry. Don't split quite as easy any cherry I've harvested either!!!! Here are pics of bark, a slabbed...
  6. M

    Maple Firewood

    I have gotten a lot of silver maple here in south western Pennsylvania. Buddy told me this red maple but I’m not too sure. Does anybody know what it is by the picture? Got two chords worth. Thanks
  7. M

    Wood ID - Newbie Here!

    Need a little help identifying some wood that was left behind at the house we just bought. Thanks in advance!
  8. creztor

    Yet Another Drying Firewood in a Greenhouse...

    OK, so I looked through the already existing threads here and hoping can get some feedback on drying firewood in a greenhouse. I have a 6m (approx 19 feet) by 3m (approx 10 feet) greenhouse (see attached picture). It's just a standard cheap ebay kit. I put black plastic down on the ground and...
  9. M

    New Fireplace insert (Newbie questions)

    Hello everybody, I am new here, been reading here for a long time digging for information (and lord, this forum is a wonderful source!) and finally decided to sign up and participate. Well, I will go straight to it- I have built a new fireplace in my house, this is basically a fireplace...
  10. B

    Help needed with DIY solar kiln control (FAN, etc) for drying wood

    Hi, I could use some help and suggestions on how to best operate a homemade solar kiln to dry firewood. The kiln has insulated bottom, top, back and sides. The front is clear plastic to allow sunlight to enter and heat the black interior. Split firewood is placed on wire shelves and a small...
  11. K

    Firewood Near Me

    Hey all, Not sure if you're as confused as i once was about where to find firewood near me, or maybe, more importantly, how much is a cord of wood. I know, simple right? Everyone knows this stuff. But just In case, I'm not the only one out there who was scratching my head - I recently ran...
  12. Jotel me this

    Firewood cutting.. carpenter ants. Freak or ignore?

    A large tree fell over in my neighbors yard. Looks nice, wood is solid and white. I cut up about 2 face cords with the chainsaw and was cutting through a 15" branch when carpenter ants started pouring out of it. It was like a horror film. Ants everywhere. I think they were screaming BLOOD! when...
  13. G

    salty wood?

    Hello, I have been reading about the dangers of salty wood. I bought wood from a neighbour and didn't notice how wet it was until I was stacking it. It was very heavy, measuring up to 40% moisture -- very wet (soaked three inches deep). A friend tonight told me fir should not get wet like...
  14. Jotel me this

    I need usable firewood for THIS season?

    the guy who was supposed to deliver me 9 full cords of wood (which order i placed in June) didnt show up on friday with the delivery. i called, texted. he doesnt answer. i drove to the business and he said he doesnt have the wood and 'hes sorry'. he completely screwed me over and could care less...
  15. cbscout

    Buying ash just after cut and split?

    Hi, this is the first season for burning and I am getting ready the best I can. :-) I am buying a full cord of ash firewood (split) from a guy, and I tested the moisture content to be acceptable on a fresh split. That's all good. But I want another couple cord more, so he showed me a few ash...
  16. magillil

    I'm green, but my wood isn't

    Hello! I got my first wood insert, a Neo 2.5, three days ago. So far, I haven't been able to get a good fire going. I am using small, tree branches from my yard trees, which are aged way longer than 6 months - more like 3 years or more. I don't have many split logs and don't know if they might...
  17. webfish

    Don't have wood? Start working at it now!

    I wanted to replace my zero clearance in January 2014. Couldn't do it at that time. I started collecting and splitting wood instead. Here is my first pile in April 2014. I was not ready!! I took out my insert and installed a freestanding stove in May, 2016...
  18. B

    Tree ID help

    I need some help identifying the type of tree I recently had cut down. I originally thought it was a maple but now I am unsure. i should haven't taken a picture of the leaves before they died. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  19. T

    Questions after Opel 3 first fire

    Had our first fire in our new Opel 3 fireplace. Couple observations. I don't like the amount of smoke in the house from the fire. Also, I couldn't get the combustor going (glowing red) with my firewood without cutting them into small pieces. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom