First storm of the season


Feeling the Heat
Dec 22, 2014
Helena MT


Minister of Fire
Oct 20, 2018
Your thermometer says 20 degrees! Not ready for that yet. :)

Plowable snow in northern New England yesterday, too.

Set up church for an outdoor service this morning. There was frost on the grass!

Someone asked if we should set up some EZ-Up tents, as we've been doing. The person coordinating the set-up said not to and not many people signed up for church today. She didn't think many people would be there. 'Ya think? :)


Minister of Fire
Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
There was plowable snow nearby but I dodge the bullet in Northern NH. Snow did collect on elevated surfaces so I heard the snow sliding off my solar panels. The White Mountain the my house looks up at had a pretty good coating of snow. this morning and it remained all day. Just about right on time this tome of year. Great motivation to get some last minute projects done.