Fisher Coal Bear

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Jun 25, 2012
Northern NY
Since there are at least a few coal bear stoves still in use today, and the large lack of information on these stoves, would it be possible to start a separate sticky for the coal bear? There is some good information on this forum, but it is scattered around these hundreds of forum pages. It would be nice and convenient to have all things coal bear-related on a sticky, to include a copy of the coal bear manual, the stove's history, where they were made, and so on.

I'm going to look at a coal bear tomorrow, and I thought it would be good to have a "place" for coal bear owners, past and present, to share pictures, stories and thoughts of their coal bear stoves. It is unlike any other Fisher stove made, and it would be nice to have one location for us to discuss how we get the best use out of our coal bears, whether we are using it to burn coal or wood.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!
If you have had good luck searching the forum and finding posts related to this, one option is to start a new thread and start adding the URL from each relevant thread you find in regards to this interest, to it.

That would make for a great thread starter for a sticky.

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Pen, you must be a mind reader. I've already searched this forum for coal bear information & threads, and I'm "watching" those threads. My next step is to attached links to those threads here so that we have a one-stop thread for coal bear stuff.
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If you have an owner's manual for a Coal Bear stove, can you please post it here or with the other Fisher stove manuals? Thanks!
Yep, and the coal grates are gone. Wonder if he still has them but felt it was more marketable as a wood only burner?
That depends on the market I guess. Here it would be worth more functioning for coal