FPX Elite 44 blower noise

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New Member
Nov 9, 2022
Cornwall, VT
I have an FPX Elite 44 that is in the middle of the room, so the intake blower was installed there too (12’ from an outside wall). Even on its lowest speed setting (which is plenty fast) the fan is too loud. I don’t see any way to relocate the blower without tearing the house up.

Wondering about changing out the fan speed rheostat so it can operate at a lower speed. There isn’t really much variability high to low in the speed range now, and even on low it throws a lot of air (almost too much).

I also thought about finding a thicker foam air filter, like the HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners, that would still allow air to pass through but dampen the fan noise. 2x/3x layer of air conditioner filter?

Experience or suggestions?
"One of the exclusive features of our Elite Wood Fireplaces is that you can use fresh air drawn from outside the home for both combustion and heat transfer through a unique concept called Posi-Pressure. Posi-Pressure technology draws outside air into the cavity around the fireplace and heats it, then circulates it through the home via a quiet, remote convection fan. The heated air naturally seeks out and penetrates cold spaces, warming the entire home evenly while “sealing” cracks, leaks and other drafty spots be preventing cold air infiltration"

It looks like you can mount the blower away from the stove if you chose to.

Slowing down the fan could decrease the amount of heat that comes off the unit, but that is certainly an option too.
Answering my own question. I contacted FireplaceBlowersOnline about a new rheostat, since my OEM control only slowed the fan down to about half speed... still very loud and plenty of air. Jim at FBO hooked me up with a new rheostat which has a range from off to full on. $28, shipped two hours after our conversation. Excellent customer service.