Front Kubota tire is leaking at the bead area

charly Posted By charly, Jul 15, 2013 at 5:50 PM

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    Are those the dings at 11 and 7 o'clock? Dude your rims look nice, I should show you mine. Pop the tire off the bead, and look for some junk stuck in that interface then clean it real well. If it's not cracked then I bet there is just some junk on the bead preventing a 100% seal.

    It has to pass the walrus test, every walrus likes a nice tight seal.
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  2. charly

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    Yes, a few different spots had little bends.. Actually I used a rubber mallet in the past it seemed to have straighten things back up to where the rim looked good... For now I'm going to run the tube,,, maybe I'll never have another issue... Yes I would have loved to be able to break the bead myself but didn't want to drive on the tire with no one here to watch I just ran it to the dealer so I could get it back... I cleaned many a Harley Rim,, wire brush the bead area , etc. Tires are like 12 years old.. When I bought the tractor used from the dealer, it was 3 years old with 120 hrs.. They offered to put on any new wheels and tires I wanted, so I got the turf.. I believe I was told you can run R 1's on the same rims but not R4's or the other way around... I just wanted something that wouldn't tear my lawn up at the time.
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