Fun in the trees

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Feeling the Heat
Oct 19, 2022
Unfortunately I had to take down this eastern white pine due to finding a termite colony in one of the main anchor roots. Wasn’t going to take any chances with a 90’ tree that could cut my neighbors house, my barn or my house, in half depending on which way it goes.

Really unhappy with it since I liked the tree, damn tree service that took some trees out almost cut it down and had it stripped up to almost the top before I caught em and stopped em. Almost positive that, and them clearing out the dirt around from the roots for grinding is what made the tree so enticing for the termites. Anyway it made for a real easy climb up to top it.

Now I’ve got a bunch of pine to season up for the stove.

Fun in the trees
I think you’ll find that it’s location is what made it attractive to the termites. You’re lucky you found them in the tree before they made it to your house.
It’s location?
Real estate truism… location location location.

Every spring a mature termite colony will send out reproductive swarmers. Where they land they will try to start a colony. The tree’s location determined the colony.
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