Glass penetration termination of direct venting pipe

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Oct 27, 2015
Hi all,

We are planning on adding a gas fireplace to our home. We can't put the exhaust pipe through the ceiling because we do not own the floor and roof above us, so we are thinking of modify/replace a non-operational window module so we can route the direct venting pipe to the outside through that.

Can anyone suggest tips or a detail we can share with our installer and window manufacturer to show them how to create the least obtrusive vent penetration through a non-operational window area.
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I have done this type of install on both pellet & gas units.
I simply removed the entire window & frame, then I
framed in the opening as if it was a stud wall - header,
sill, studs.
You will have to get your fieplace on location before you frame
in the opening, so you don't put a framing member in the way
of the DV pipe.
Set your unit & attach enough pipe to it so you can take measurements
& frame in for the vent. The oprning required will be in your install/owner's manual.
Sheathe the new wall, insulate it & sheetrock it. Install the vent pipe, cap &
J-channel around it.
Install siding to match.
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