Hampton GC60

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Feb 11, 2019
Hello everyone!

been lurking for a while and haven't really posted too much as of yet. We've been talking about supplementing with it even going full on pellet heat since we bought our house three years ago. We live in a 1300sqft ranch that mass save has deemed very efficient in terms of insulation Currently run an oil furnace and boy is that no fun on the wallet.

Anyway, I found a used Hampton gc60 that The owner claims to be less than a year old (installed one October of 2018 but previous homeowner, house was purchased by current owner who used it once and didn't care for doing the pellet thing).Her asking price is $900 including hearth pad, any piping that was used for install, and what looks to be a thermostat (based on the paperwork pictured).

This seems like a stellar deal to me, so I'm asking if there's anything I should look out for or be concerned about. I've posted some pics here that really do make me believe the stove hasn't seen much use.

My understanding is it's made by enviro and is most often compared to the XXV, I imagine due to the similarities in look and size. I'll be honest, the XXV is what I really have my eyes on mostly due to reputation and how gorgeous we find it, but this would fit the bill especially at such a steep discount of its really in as good shape as it seems.


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Oct 10, 2009
Wow, someone got a great deal...
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