Harman Oakwood ... lots of ash in back (con't)

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Amazing. I don't think I've seen a stove so plugged. Even more amazing is that the sweep never noted this.
And 2 different sweeps at that. First one was the original installer. Then we hired another for a couple years. We'll do our own sweeping from now on.

Started fire about 30 min ago. Damper open, draft open full. A couple things of note;
there appears to be good draw considering there's no wind right now
initially I could see flames being pulled into the secondary chamber
in less than 3 min the flue thermometer said it was 450F
about 2 min after that it reach 800F
closed the damper
flame remained active (it used to die out) and cooled back to 400F in about 3 minutes, draft still wide open

Its now about 3 minutes later and the flue therm says 350F. Now would you folks consider 350F too cold?


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350F is acceptable if it holds at that.
Added 3 pieces of hardwood after posting, flue temp went to about 550F, damper closed, draft still wide open. No winds outside, just a steady rain at 15 C. Temp settled to 450F and I added a few more larger hardwood after 30 min. Temp slowly climbed to 650F adn I then started to close the draft. The stove is now cruizing around 550F.
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