Hearthstone Heritage


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Feb 14, 2020
Santa Fe nm
We just purchased a Heritage and can't get the temperature up. I saw someone posted the same problem a little over a year ago in Northern NM with the same problem. Have gone through the check list of possible problems but nothing seems to help. It's a new stove and installed by professional. What's up with this? We are ready to jerk it out and put the old one back in!


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
More info please. What is up to temperature and how is it being measured? Describe the flue system. Is it straight up or out the wall? How tall? How well seasoned is the firewood?
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Dec 28, 2006
Mt. Rainier Foothills, WA
Be warned, it takes hours to heat up a hearthstone. It won’t make much heat at all during the long warm up time. This is the “soft heat” you bought. Be patient.
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